Battle Of Bunker Hill Essay

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The Revolutionary Era (1764-1789) ( the era set up the fall for Great Britain. It would bring nations that were once under the tyranny of the king to become military and economic power houses in the future, the United States of America is one of these nations. It is located in North America. What caused the British colonists to come up in arms? The Boston Massacre (March 5, 1775) (, occurred when a crowd of colonists heckled a group of British soldiers while they were on duty. One soldier, Captain Thomas Preston, was the man who fired the shots that killed five people. Three civilians died immediately; two died in the hospital for their wounds. The shooter was arrested for manslaughter. A little over…show more content…
The battle ended with the Militia winning the battle and taking over the British fleet the HMS Diana. The Battle of Bunker Hill ( occured on June 17, 1775. This was one of the major battles in the American Revolutionary War, there were 1,000 soldiers under Colonel William Prescott. This battle was one of many during the Siege of Boston. Though the battle may be called “Bunker Hill”, most of the fighting occurred on Breed’s hill. The British won the battle but there were a lot of deaths in the process, 268 soldiers and officers were killed and another 828 were wounded; this battle was a pyrrhic* victory for the British. *Pyrrhic- won at too great a cost to be worthwhile for the victor. ( The battle of Quebec (Dec. 31, 1775) ( was a big victory for America; it ended the “Snow Campaign” in Canada and it downed many British forces in the occupied territory. The “Snow Campaign” was the first major military operation for the 13 colonies. This battle was the last one in that operation for after this battle Colonel Benedict Arnold went to West Point where he talked with the British and told them that they could take over West Point. He did this because he was not promoted to
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