Boston Massacre Significance

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Essay Question: Describe the significance of the Boston Massacre. 9/22/15 The Boston Massacre’s significance was at a very high ratio in American History when the colonies were still trying to gain their Independence from Great Britain. The turning point I have acknowledged, was that the British troops whom were guarding their Leader’s house, the colonists we’re causing the large conflict. Not the British Troops, They were doing as told but took action basing on their feelings. Rage, discrimination, and the fact that the Colonist male members were taunting them all by throwing snowballs and shouting not necessary statements. Other than seeing it that sort of way, The British Troops stationed in Boston, Jamestown, Virginia. They were NOT wanted. Seeing it to as they were gathering Leaders to form up the Revolutionary War to break away from Great Britain to be more organized and pretty much their entire game plan, But as History has gone; The plans of the American Colonists’ had to surrender at times to either retreat and go to a new and unwatched area, or risk being shot at while doing what they could. It’s not what anybody wanted. But General Washington had to act flexibly and quickly in order to get his troops to safety…show more content…
Burgesses Reps. But much to their surprise or dismay, the brave leaders and Patriotic Troops of George Washington and others kept meeting, surprising the enemy nation trying to take away all what they’ve worked ridiculously hard for and succeed. The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party are conflicts that lead up to the Revolutionary War, the break from Great Britain gaining the young Nation’s Independence from the strong nation. Ending in America with freedom and independence, and being recognized to be an independent nation by France and
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