Boston Red Bar Argument

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Yes, on my point of view an argument can be any text that we can express a point of view, it doesn’t matter how tiny it could be, it surely will have a huge argument about it. For example; a Boston Red Sox’s cap, a Livestrong bracelet, the “explicit lyrics” label on a best- selling Rap CD, a Tesla Model S electric car, or a pair of Ray –Ban sunglasses.
First, let’s talk about a Boston Red sox’s cap and its possible argument. For example, we can find its own argument about it not only from the style of the cap but it could be about the logo and of course about the team it represents. Also, our argument could be about the purpose why it was made, if it will fit both men and women (unisex) or if it’s specific for gender, child or an adult. Last, the kind of the design of the logo could represent the attitude of the fans to the team.
Next, a Livestrong bracelet many times its argument comes in who is wearing it and the story behind of that person. The color of the bracelet and the place it was made plays a tremendous role on items like this. The message on the bracelet could have a strong meaning for many people wearing it. It might not be personal but in support of a relative or friends. Even the material from a bracelet is made have and argument
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It comes in different shapes, color and could be self-custom too. But the price on it is an argument as well as it is the brand and the popularity it has. The material, the quality, and polarized can have an argument itself. As you notice even the silliest thing have an argument but we normally don’t point attention to details like this or without noticed we are having an argument on anything. Most of the time we find ourselves in this situation even when we are undecided what to wear, in that moment we are having an argument we just don’t know
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