Boston Tea Act Research Paper

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The Parliament passes the Tea Act in 1773. From then on the course of history will have many more down hills throughout the years. Some background information is that the colonist were mad at the government and at england because they were putting taxes on the people out there conscient the colonist didn’t want anything to do with England so they boycott the shipping orders coming in and had The Daughters of Liberty make clothing for them. The Tea Act cause the colonists to be mad at England and ultimately lead to their showing of anger in the Boston Tea party, both events impacted the American Revolution. The Tea Acts passed by Parliament started the colonists down the path of anger. The Tea Acts were caused by the East India Company going bankrupt that is the reason the colonist got taxed in the first place. The East India Company was running out of money and they were acquainted with the colonies government so to help out the company the government of the colonies agreed to taxes the colonist…show more content…
The colonist put together a secret society together this group called The Boston Tea Party this groups goal was to take down The Tea Acts. The Boston Tea Party were violent to anyone who was apart of the government and they would cause chaos between a lot of people. They destroyed things and the were also known as people who were very destructive not very helpful for anyone. The biggest thing that impact the american revolution was the tea that was dumped off the the ship that sailed into the harbor the The Boston Tea Party they dressed up as indians and through a lot of tea into the harbor also the Boston Tea Party was also known as the Sons Of Liberty there were also Daughter of Liberty these daughters helped make clothing for everyone so they wouldn’t have to buy clothes from England they boycotted a lot of England 's supplies by making their own supplies from
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