Boston Tea Party: A Major Event In American History

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What if I said the Boston tea party was a major event in American history. For instance, did know the Britains were in major debt with France from the great war. Or how did the people in Boston to manage to overthrow the tea. How does the Boston tea party have an effect on today 's society? To this day Great Britain still haven 't paid their debt off to France, for example. “The Britain 's put the tax on tea to try to pay off the debt they had with France which, King George the third had too much power he taxed more on imported goods and exported” (Krull). The Britain 's learned from their mistakes and which no longer with a dictator in charge. Britain 's knew that lot of people would be sneaking tea given this point. “A punitive action…show more content…
Before Britain passed the tea act research proves. “In March 1765 Britain passed a law called the stamp act that made every colonist pay for taxes on every piece of printed paper they used”(Carr). The colonist was so mad they would take out stamp act agents and later would be incarcerated. The Englishmen didn 't approve of the tax on tea research shows. “ before the dumping of the tea, there was an act made that when tea entered Boston all tea was taxed 3 pence a pound”(Macaulay). The east india company was the ones to tax the tea. Britain a wasn 't too pleasant about the tea dumping so they passed an act for instance. “The intolerable act where the American patriots term for a group of punitive laws passed by the British parliament in 1774 after the Boston tea party”(Walker). After the act was passed everyone who was apart of the dumping went separate ways to the loyal nine. How does the Boston tea party have an effect on today 's society? So they Englishmen they were part of the sons of liberty was actually Indians tomahawks and they help Samuel adams cause the Britains were taking their land. To conclude the my research I would like to say the British wasn 't bad people at all they just needed money to pay France for the mistakes

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