Bottle Land Research Paper

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Some might say flipping a bottle with a bit of water in it and then landing the bottle perfectly upright is pure luck and it doesn 't matter how it happens, just hope it lands. Well, there is more than one might think. The science behind this so called art is quite astonishing, from the right amount of water in the bottle and even a phenomenon that lets the bottle land. This phenomenon is called angular momentum which applies to any object traveling around another. This causes the water to not completely fill up at the cap when the bottle is upside down. Instead the water just moves up and down the sides and when the bottle is on its way down the water settles back at the bottom and evens out the weight right before the bottle lands. When flipping the bottle the person throwing it holds the bottle by the cap and flicks their wrist up letting the bottle not fly too high or throw it too powerful but while also making sure it doesn 't stop before completing the flip due to lack of power. The goal is to make the bottle do one flip…show more content…
Understanding how to flip a bottle and land it upright is not an easy task and requires some practice to understand the way to flick the wrist perfectly for the best rotation. Also knowing the correct amount of water needed can help ensure the best result. Along with these steps the person flipping the bottle must also be aware of the power into the throw. Just a bit too much or too little will make the bottle land at least slightly crooked which causes infrequent landings because the bottle may wobble too much and fall over. All these different steps are required for a prefect bottle flip. Though some throws may be just pure luck and the bottle will flip 5 times in the air and land perfectly on a table, though that is a slim chance. When the bottle flips too much or too high the bottle might not even land on its bottom or it might have to hard of a landing and the bottle will bounce a few inches off the ground and land again on its
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