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The bottle rocket, a typical high school physics project that presents a direct exposure and perception of the material being learned in class. There are many different ways this homemade rocket can be crafted; it can be tall, short, thin, wide, with numerous wings or only 3, the options are endless. However, there are some mandatory parts in creating a successful and aerodynamic projectile. There must be wings, a nosecone, a completely sealed bottle, and a parachute. After crafting and obtaining these pieces, the rest of the rocket production is left to one’s own creative style. In the end, if all the necessary parts are accurately constructed, and with a spice of creativity, the laws of physics will ensure a successful launch. The reasons behind the bottle rocket’s ability to launch and fly high are the laws of physics, specifically Newton’s Laws of Motion. His third law of motion states that for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction, and…show more content…
From our first rocket, we discovered that we had to be more sparing regarding the outside design elements on the projectile. The feathers we had constructed from colored paper and then attached to the body and wings of the rocket had weighed it down, increased air drag, and inhibited the possibility of a successful launch. From that experience, we knew not to put so much extra elements onto the body of the rocket in order to promote a smooth flight. Overall, the first rocket that was crafted was far too heavy, and when water was added to it, the projectile’s mass was overbearing thus reducing the height and travel time of the launch. The first bottle rocket we had made this year taught us many lessons regarding beneficial construction techniques, and provided guidance for the manufacturing of our second

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