Plastic Water Bottle Pollution Essay

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The world today has a lot of problematic things to worry about. We have crazy atmospheres taking place in every aspect of life right now including social, economic, political and environmental problems that affects the global community. One of the biggest harms that our world faces is one you might not expect. It's the problem people try not to talk about. The problems is plastic waste, and more specifically, plastic water bottle waste. The majority of the plastic waste comes from efficient packing of water that people buy everyday. We can reduce harmful plastic water bottle pollution by using refillable bottles, as well as educate the public on the dangers of plastic waste.
A major problem with the whole plastic bottled water epidemic is that people are tricked into thinking bottled water is safer than tap water when in reality that is not the case. There have been many studies done and it’s been concluded that it is typically the opposite of the everyday myth.
”In the U.S., public water is
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This is a learned bias as people don't know how many regulations your tap water has to pass to be deemed drinkable. The regular population find it hard to trust your town or random stats and facts on the internet, so they remain skeptical. To those who remain skeptical it may surprise you that scientists around the world have tested this and agree, tap water is cleaner than bottled water. “Dr. Gina Solomon, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental advocacy group, told The New York Times that “there is no reason to believe that bottled water is safer than tap water.”(Ban the Bottle) Well known doctors say you shouldn't believe the hype that tap water is worse than bottled water. Not only is it just as clean, and in most cases safer, there have been lots of studies concluding that the plastic bottle can leak into your water making you consume harmful
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