Bottled Water Should Be Banned In Schools

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Bottled Water Should be Banned In Schools

Here at R. Roger Rowe, bottled water is becoming a big problem. Kids are too lazy to bring their reusable water bottle to school, and instead bringing a large quantity of bottled waters. The problem is that these plastic bottles are being dranken, and then left around the school. Then the janitors have to pick them up and dispose of them elsewhere. Of the kids that do dispose of them at school, most of them are throwing the bottles into the trash! This means that they are going to go to landfills and take many years to degrade. The plastic can also hurt wildlife on land and in the ocean. Bottled water should be banned in schools because of the pollution that the bottles create, the bottles are not reusable, and the bottles simply just contain tap water. One reason why bottled water should be banned in
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Like I said earlier, plastic non-reusable water bottles end up in landfills. If you were to use a reusable bottle, you wouldn’t have that problem. It is also way more efficient because you only need one bottle if you are reusing. While some people may think otherwise, this is true because you only have to keep track of one bottle rather than using many. According to Scholastic News, “Only about fourteen percent of single-serving plastic water bottles are recycled.” This means that eighty-six percent of all single-serving plastic water bottles are in landfills or polluting our communities. If everybody at our school was to only use one reusable bottle, that would dramatically cut our bottles that end up in the trash. Since over one billion plastic bottles end up in our landfills every year, this means that each person uses about thirty five plastic water bottles every year. Our school has around seven hundred students, so all using reusable water bottles could make for over ten thousand water bottles not in our

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