Bottlenose Dolphin Research Paper

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Bottlenose Dolphins

The history and traits and what a dolphin looks like is what this rough draft is going to be mainly about.Dolphins have a big reputation for having lots of curiosity.Some people thought that dolphins were smarter than humans considering that they have more lumps and a bigger brain.Right now though people think that the human is much smarter than a dolphin even if they remember each other's names for years until they forget.This
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What a bottlenose dolphin eats and also likes to eat for fun and play with.As you would think that a dolphin would eat seaweed and many other vegetable like ocean plants,they actually do not eat them.Bottlenose dolphins have been known to eat crustacions,many small types of fish,and squids but a smaller version of them.An adult bottlenose dolphin eats 15 to 30 pounds of food a day and bottlenose dolphins do not use their teeth to chew but actually they just swallow their food whole.Since bottlenose dolphins eat only meat,they are technically a
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