Bought The Farm Essay

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Post by Day 3, 1 to 2 paragraphs that address the following: Explain the meaning of the word or phrase in the described cultural context. Briefly describe the cultural context of the family, group, or community that uses the word or phrase. Explain the connection between the meaning and the culture. My phrase is "bought the farm." In my research, I found that tthe phrase came to us in the 1950s from Professor Jonathan Lighter who wrote in the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang. His context and meaning of the phrase came from tthe US Air Force. They refered to this phrase as slang for a fatal crash. World Wide Words (n.d.) The cultural group I selelcted is Americans. When you say to an American that someone…show more content…
If you say this phrase to an American, they will know that it means someone died. However, if you were to ask someone who is not an American but may British, they would think you actually purchased a farm. Hargis (2014) Argumentation is two sides or points of view of an issue that help to convey to audience to persuade them. Audience and their characteristics are important to know in order to persuaide. When it comes to arguementation, the audience must be aware of the context and meanings of phrases and words. If they are not aware, then you can and will have a hard time winning that argument, becuase they will be confused and will misunderstand you. Rybacki and Rybacki (2012) Rhetorical perspecitice is basically a one person speaking with no audience iteraction. Whereas, dialetctical perspecitive is when the person involves the audeince to persuade them. Being ehtical and honest is also vital in argumentation. Again, if you are not aware of your audience and they don 't understand the context of the phrases and words, then you will not be able to use either perspective to persuade them. You may also becuase of their own undestanding, may come off as dishonest and unethical. Rybacki and Rybacki
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