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I read the book, Bound, written by Donna Jo Napoli. The book is about a young chinese woman, who is bound to her father’s second wife. This is because he passed away and, back in 17th century china, young woman had very little power or say in situations. Also woman were thought to less value of worth then their livestock. Throughout the day’s of dealing with her step mom she, loves to do poetry and calligraphy. She thinks of herself as having natural gift at these two things. The main character's name is Xing Xing, and her sister Wei Ping. Who has had her feet binded, which doesn't allow her to walk properly. This was a tradition, which is banned in modern day china. And what they do is when a woman is fit to be married, they bind their feet…show more content…
Something that would be useful to the worker, so that their is an interest to do it. So in conclusion it’s different from our culture because, of what we give for labor. Next off Chinese woman have very high standards to live up to in this book. Such as having to have small body parts, as said in the book, ‘my nose is small isn’t it.” (Napoli pg 33). This is just one of the many times throughout the book where, Wei Ping has to have another small body part to please a man. This is different in our culture because, us men do not set a perfect standard for girls, to be very small and little. Next off, in their 17th century chinese culture. The mom has to find the woman the husbands, and dad’s find wives for their son. As said here “ She (Xing Xing) realized in this moment that she’d secretly harbored the hope that someday, stepmother would finally decide to find her a husband to.” (Napoli pg 45) This is mostly different from our culture because, usually the girl or guy find someone they like, and then get their parent’s blessing. Or just marry them, without the blessing. But on the other hand, some people might actually do this, with could make it a toss

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