Boundaries Between Caesar And Personal Relationship

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Should there be boundaries between a political and a personal relationship? Boundaries between the two separate relationships keep problems separate within the relationships. When politics mix with personal the relationship is compromised, and the relationship lacks trust. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare shatters the boundaries between a political and personal relationship which causes personal problems.
Relationships between the governors mix which causes problems. Particularly when Caesar sees Cassius and Brutus talking and he worries something might happen political from how he knows them personally, he talks about how they are smart and a great observer, but that he also power hungry (l ii 221). Caesar is mixing what he thinks of them as a person and how he acts as a senator. This is a prime example of how relationships struggle when business and personal mix. Another famous example if when Caesar says “Et tu, Bruté?” this is the last thing Caesar says, which
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For example when antony is giving his speech the plebeians are convinced to revenge Caesar's death by saying, “Revenge! About! Seek! Burn! Fire! Kill! Slay!/ Let not a traitor live!” this shows the people want to rebel which involves politics where they should be left out of it to make their own decisions. Antony is crossing a line of the personal relationship to causing them to kill someone. In addition is when portia involves Lucius the servant in the scandal she knows about. Which she has a personal relationship and now he is involved in what's happening to Caesar. In this case can ruin her relationship. Finally when Anthony asks his servant to go see if it's safe for him to go and see dead Caesar. What Anthony did endangered the servant for political reason. This action was to see if the other would kill Antony in addition to Caesar, which crosses a boundary. Common people should be compromised due to political
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