Boundaries In SE Hinton's A Flick Of The Finger

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What would you do if you didn’t have boundaries? Kids and adults around the world that don’t have boundaries can cause harm to themselves and others. There are many passages proving boundaries are important. Such as when in the text A Flick of the Finger By Marybeth Libecki when the boy in the story did not have any boundaries he accidently shot his best friend with a gun. In the passage The Outsiders by SE Hinton a boy named Johnny runs into a burning church to save children. After he escapes the church he is crippled and eventually dies. If Johnny had boundaries he might have not gotten crippled or die. Also, in the book The Outsiders By SE Hinton a man named Darry leaves his house’s door open and never locks it. Darry is leaving his house vulnerable to robbers and bad people. If he had more boundaries he would lock his door and keep safe from people with foul intentions. Having boundaries is important for yourself and society! It is always…show more content…
A boy named Johnny in the book The Outsiders By SE Hinton is mistreated by his parents. They do not set boundaries for him and in result he makes bad choices. In the book Johnny makes a decision to run away from home into the unknown eventually leading to Johnny killing a boy named Bob. If Johnny had more boundaries he may have stayed safe and not killed Bob. Another reason that boundaries are important, in the book The Outsiders. Johnny eventually runs into a burning church not knowing what consequences there would be. In the end Johnny dies from a broken back just because he made the decision to run into the church. If Johnny had more inundated he would think more about what he 's doing and know when it 's not safe. This evidence proves that if Johnny from The Outsiders had boundaries and limitations he would live a better life and he wouldn 't display harm to himself or anyone

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