Boundaries: The Role Of Professional Boundaries In Nursing

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Professional boundaries
Professional boundaries are described as the limit which protect the space between your professional's ability and the patient vulnerability (National Council State Board of Nursing). They mark the borders and edges of the professional, therapeutic relationship, and non-professional or personal relationship. Patients can expect a nurse to behave in their best interests and to respect their dignity. As a nurse abstains from obtaining personal gain at the patient's expense and refrains from inappropriate engagement with a patient or the patient's family.
The feeling of professional boundaries comes in both positive and negative ways. If a patient is vulnerable and the nurse can transform the behaviour of the patient to fit the environment or to meet his treatment, then is an optimistic way. In the other hand, if the nurse act in a way that affect the patient vulnerability then, the behaviour of the nurse is negative. professional boundaries sometimes involve things that affect the patient
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Serious or prolonged failure to follow this guidance will put your registration in danger. Individuals should be able to trust that their registered nurse will behave professionally towards them during treatment and not see them as a potential abuser or threat to their life. For example, some patients may become more vulnerable than others and the more susceptible someone is, the more likely it is that creating a relationship with them would be a misuse of power and your position as a registered nurse. Professional boundaries mean that we have a responsibility to do things to the individual in their best interest, support them and ensure our behaviour does not disengaged them from us. Although dealing with difficult issues can be stressful and draining work, professional boundaries help the registered nurse to manage their

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