Bourgeoisie Vs Proletariat Essay

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The divide between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat shown no greater than during the low net worth individual revolution that can end up characterized as a proletariat revolution. During this time it is most evident the differences between classes as open class warfare between the two categories shows the clear, distinct line between them and characterizes the proletariat as an oppressed fighting their oppressors for their freedom. The story’s revolution, however, has a couple of differences compared to a Marxist description of how a revolution of classes was to begin, it still can be described as a Marxist class uprising. An uprising against the treatment that they are given by their oppressors the bourgeoisie, where after suffering the abuses and exploitation and limitation of the rights of the working class are heroes who are rebelling for an idealistic goal of class egalitarians. Gary Shteyngart shows this event in mostly positive …show more content…

the proletariat. This divide is now between the luxuries of the rich, where in the story’s normal society, hedonism is in abundance, a well-found feeling that can be obtained anywhere. It has become as valuable as dirt due to its lack of scarcity; however its opposite asceticism is in short supply, a rarity thus increasing its value. In history, the wealthy and well do off usually were fatter than the average commoner, this body image due to its rarity for it being hard to obtain for someone without the capital it used to be associated with being wealthy now in the present day the opposite is true. In the story asceticism is something valued by the rich for it is the wealthy who would be the majority that would be able to acquire something such as asceticism due to rarity, making it something with sign value and such an attribute of the bourgeoisie in the story that proletariat wishes to

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