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Jacqueline Lee “Jackie” Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Jacqueline Lee “Jackie” Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was often considered a woman of much class. She was an idol of many women of all ages across America. She was born July 28th in the year of 1929. Her mother gave birth to her in Southampton, New York. Later on, she attended Chapin School from 1935-1942, Holton Arms School from 1942-1944. She completed grammar school and her first year of high school at Miss Porter’s. She attended her freshman and sophomore year fro college at Vassar College. Mrs. Onassis junior year of college was spent at the University of Greenoble and Sorbonne. Her last year, which was her senior year, was attended at George Washington University. After college, Jackie scored…show more content…
They lived half the year in Athens, Skorpios Island, or Paris at his homes. During their marriage she became an editor of Viking Press, then Double Day. She illustrated and wrote introductions to books that she edited. Onassis died a few years after their marriage. She moved her family back to New York in an apartment. Many years later she got diagnosed with cancer in her liver. It started spreading, and the doctors later on told her they could not do anything further to help. About two days later Mrs. Onassis went into a coma. Just a few short hours later; Jacqueline received her last rites from a Catholic Parish Priest. Her time of death was 10:15 PM, in her New York apartment. Mrs. Onassis was laid to rest in the year of 1994. She was only sixty-four years old. Her burial place is located in the Arlington National Cemetery close to her deceased husband, and son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. Jacqueline Onassis lived a prosperous life from the public eye. Behind closed doors she struggled with everyday problems. She lived through a depression, her husband being assassinated, her child’s death, a second husband’s death, and much more. Many people looked her up to and after twenty-five years she is still considered one of the classiest, and strongest women of our

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