Constipation Research Paper

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A condition in which there is difficulty in emptying bowel for less than 3 times a week associated with dry and hardened stool.
About 50% of pregnant women suffer from constipation during any their pregnancy period predominantly in 1st and 3rd trimesters.
• Dry and hardened stool
• Few bowel movements
• Abdominal pain and swollen abdomen
• Vomiting
• Straining (trouble in passing feaces.) WHAT CAUSES CONSTIPATION DURING PREGNANCY:
It relaxes smooth muscles and slows down movement of food through intestines
• If you drink less water
• Pregnancy sickness and struggling to eat as much as usual
• If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• Lack physical activity
• Stress
• Anxiety
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• Bulk laxatives:
1. Psyllium
2. bran
They form gels in the large intestine, causing water retention and intestinal distention, thereby increasing peristaltic activity. But it requires some physical activity along with it as it may cause intestinal obstruction.
• Stool softeners:
1. Docusate sodium
2. Docusate calcium
Surface active agents that become emulsified with stool produce softer feaces and ease passage. They are often used for prophylaxis than for acute treatment.
• Lubricant laxatives:
1. Mineral oil
2. Glycerin suppositories
Lubricates and facilitates the passage of hard stools. Mineral oil should be taken orally in upright position to avoid its aspiration and potential lipid or lipoid pneumonia.
• Osmotic laxatives:
1. Magnesium hydroxide and Magnesium sulphate: these are nonabsorbable salts that hold water in intestine by osmosis. This distends bowel, increasing intestinal activity and producing defecation in a few

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