Bowen Family Therapy Case

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In order to assess the family client’s system the use of theoretical concepts from Bowen family systems therapy were required. For example, emotional cutoffs were presented by the two sisters because according to client’s statements they left the house, setting an extreme emotional distance to break any emotional ties to the family. In addition, the client exhibits a great fusion to the father causing the client to be poorly differentiated and thus becoming the object in the family projection process. Furthermore, as part of the assessment, three themes/patterns were identified as the primary factors impacting the structure of the family and history of its members. These are the following: 1) alcohol abuse, which in this case is the most predominant…show more content…
According to motivational interviewing approach, helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence would be a way to elicit behavioral change. One of the countertransference issues experienced as the therapist in this case was the fact that my father was an alcoholic and also abused my mother. Resulting in similar family dynamics as those demonstrated in the family in treatment. For example, the presence of these countertransference issues might have impeded the ability to treat the family especially the father because at one point I also experienced resentfulness towards my father and for that reason I believe my intervention was somehow biased. The way I managed the countertransference issues was by referring the father to individual therapy to address his drinking problems. Also, I would refer him to anger management classes to learn problem solving skills and how to communicate effectively with his family but specifically with his wife. Furthermore, for the client I would recommend also individual therapy to address her depression and to learn new coping skills to manage anxiety and reduce her depressive symptoms. Also, I think the client would benefit from support groups and in this way she can increase her support system. Finally, for the mother I would also recommend her to attend individual therapy to receive psychoeducation on domestic violence and to be provided with a safety plan. According to Durfee, seeking help from resources - informal (family and friends) and formal (health care providers, hotlines, shelters, social workers, clergy, policy) is one of the best way to help a domestic violence
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