Bowen Theory Case Study

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The Application of Bowens’ Theory to the Case of Ana
Bowen Theory Overview
Bowen family therapy may be used with individual clients, couples, or their families. A basic construct in the Bowen theory is differentiation of self. Bowen stated that it is the differentiation of self in relation to the family of origin that they must balance the pulls of togetherness and separateness. Individuals vary in their level of self-differentiation and its process. The continuum of differentiation lies on one end and signals the ability to be able to think through situations clearly and on the other end is undifferentiation and implies the emotional dependence on family members. This is even if they are living away from them. It is the process of differentiation
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This in hopes to address chronic anxiety that is associated which is the reaction to an imagined threat and relieve symptoms. Also, to separate feelings from intellect and in the process detriangulate. This does not mean to cut oneself off from the family, but rather not have behaviors dictated by family patterns. Following these goals will alter the level of differentiation and help the individual to become more adaptive to stress in their lives and less reactive in relationships (Murdhock, 2013). In this theory the case of a 24 year old woman named Ana will be used. Ana’s goals will be to differentiate herself to promote herself and interpersonal dimensions of self. This will help reduce her anxiety and thus relieve her symptoms of worry about work, her husband, raising her child alone, and other troublesome patterns. This theory is appropriate for Ana as it will relieve her emotional dependence on her husband who is away and grant her the promotion of self to be a current single mother.
Theory Duration The Bowen family therapy approach is considered to be a long-term form of therapy (Withers, 2015). Ana however, has committed herself to therapy by showing up early to her appointment and agreeing to complete the sessions that her insurance has covered. Ana states that she is close to her family and that they are well off financially. She may be able to reach
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They must be able to have different opinions and values than their family members, but stay emotionally connected to them. Clients must calmly be able to reflect on a conflicted interaction after therapy and realize their own role in it, including choosing a different response in the future (Bowenian Family Therapy, N.d.). Ana must gather her emotions as she has demonstrated that she may be suffering from a form of depression while tearfulness was displayed during intake and address her anxiety to relieve her symptoms and doubt that are causing her
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