Bowen Theory Of Family Differentiation

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Evaluate the relational patterns in your family of origin, not yourself, in relation to the concept of differentiation.
In an evaluation of the Bowen model, the relational patterns in my family of origin shall include the parent-child relationship and so forth that make up my adoptive family structural unit. For example, my adoptive family of origin is a typical two-parent middle-class traditional household, which is not generational on the maternal side. However, on the paternal side, there is a single parental unit set as the first generation by my grandmother (my father’s mother). Therefore, the immediate family structure was my mother, father and a triangle of his mother, at times. The generational triangle only began with my paternal grandmother.
Bowen postulates addressing the continuing family pattern differentiation or the lack of patterns that evolve over successive generations. In my family of origin, there was/is a generational calmness in discussions in the event of a family conflict. Therefore, in conversations, individual ideas matter along with acknowledging and validating all family members’ feelings. My mother’s inability to have a child had a level of stress in the family unit early in the marriage. Thus, there became a less adaptive, somewhat differentiated marriage for a short period. Subsequently, after agreed upon in the decision to adopt, the more adaptive and well-differentiated marriage level strain was lower. The stress was a necessity to
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