Bowenian Family Theory Analysis

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When reading about Bowenian Family Theory, it was different in the sense of what I was used to reading about psychodynamics or behavioral theories. Being able to see members of a family or a person as being the main focus and having universal traits in them rather than being born or developing a specific illness is an interesting perspective because it establishes that anyone can be predisposed to it but those that do have that disorder have it because they have elevated levels of that specific trait.
The idea of a family or couple being part of an emotional triangle was also an enlightening because when reading about it, I felt that it did hold true especially with members of a family experiencing anxiety or stress. This concept was appealing because it laid out a framework to describe who the people involved in the conflict are and what is causing the differentiation among them.
The third aspect of that was most appealing was the focus on anxiety reduction among patients. I thought that this was a good focus since I feel most issues among couples or people are first caused by a rise of anxiety in their lives. By focusing on this, I felt that it would allow for clients to be able to think more clearly with their problems as a result of reducing any anxiety that may have been clouding their thinking process.
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When comparing this theory to other theories like behavioral theory, it feels that by showing concern for symptom relief it can help remedy issues that the client may have and when having the client work on relaxation techniques for anxiety or stress, it can help when the client is in their own setting or outside of the therapy

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