Bowling For Columbine Analysis

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Jeremy D. Moore
English 103/Dr. Torke
September 16, 2015
Final Paper

A Deep Look into Michael Moore’s Film Bowling for Columbine
A documentary film from Michael Moore named Bowling for Columbine was released in 2002. He both wrote and directed this film. The documentary was in response to the brutal killings done in Littleton, Colorado by two senior students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. These two students killed 12 students, one teacher, and injured 21 others. The two gunmen later committed suicide before the police or swat could get to them. The film showed more issues around the country and did not just focus on this school shooting but other shootings throughout the country. Moore deconstructs the Columbine massacre, the Flint, Michigan school shooting, the media coverage, American gun culture, gun regulations, media inspired fear, media putting out the blame, politics, poverty, and several others to achieve a clearer goal of understanding of what happened with these two school shootings. The main objective of this documentary is the search to answer why there is so much gun violence in the United States. Moore’s approach is analyzing each and every potentially influential factor to the high number of gun related deaths in America yearly. He pushes our stats that over 11 thousand people die every year to firearms. He presents his audiences with a compelling argument on why issues like these should be addressed and not ignored by America’s current government
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