Bowling For Columbine Gun Control Thesis

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Legal Issue: Gun Control Level 4: Author’s Point of View In the documentary, Bowling for Columbine, what is filmmaker Michael Moore’s thesis or main idea about the cause(s) of gun violence? I think that Michael’s thesis states that owning a gun does not make you violent, it is your perception of what guns are and what violence is. If a person were to pull the trigger , that is their decision that they have made. Guns are not violent if no one uses them. We as a society have many influences to our actions with guns, with a large portion of the influence coming from media. Identify Moore’s key arguments and/or evidence used to support his thesis Guns don’t pull the triggers themselves, people do media influences gun control a lot it is…show more content…
Who else would have an opinion or interest in this issue? Politicians, citizens and law enforcement are other stakeholders. These people have many opinions on gun control and its effects. What arguments and/or evidence would Moore’s opposition and critics present? In what ways do you disagree with Moore’s thesis? What information is missing from Moore’s portrayal of gun violence? There are many people who agree with michael's thesis. These people feel that if there were no guns whats so ever there would never be any gun violence. However there are also many people who disagree with michael's statement . Throughout the documentary I noticed that michael was very biased. He only portrayed the negative outcomes of gun violence. He didn’t show any circumstances where guns could be…show more content…
Using your research, class notes, and the film, Bowling for Columbine, state your opinion about the issue of gun ownership in Canada and evaluate the success of our gun laws. Support your opinions and arguments with specific examples and case studies, and references to legislation (such as the Charter and the Criminal Code of Canada). Your answer should be approximately 300 words. I think that canada’s gun laws are a lot more successful than other countries. However even though our gun control laws are well structured, it is still very easy for people to find a gun. If someone wants a gun, it is not difficult for them to attain one. Though this may be, finding a gun in Canada is a lot harder than finding one in America. This may also be because Americans also feel that it is their right to own a firearm. However in canada there is no mention of having or not having the right to own a firearm in any legal documents or the Canadian charter of rights. Americans have the second amendment of the constitution that states they have the right to keep and bear arms. As guns are a lot easier to obtain in America, their rate of gun violence is substantially larger. Take a look at the diagram
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