Boxer And Saints Essay

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Boxers and Saints, written by Gene Luen Yang, are two companion graphic novel volumes reflecting the Boxer Rebellion. He shows people that war always has two faces. The main character Little Bao in Boxers becomes the leader of the Boxer Rebellion after his villagers were killed by authorities and the main character Four-Girl in Saints converts to Christianity where she is more accepted for who she is and adopts the saint name “Vibiana.” When reading the first book, Boxers, I hate all foreigners because they kill Chinese people. However, Yang 's two narratives complement each other as they provide me with dual views on many of the same events. Bao and Four-Girl’s justice, tragedy, love and isolation made them have some differences. Numerous classical tragedies deal…show more content…
He also learns the magic ritual of spirit possession from Big Belly, an eccentric mountain sage. Since he saves his brothers from foreigner army, he inspires the youth of his village and others to take up arms against the “foreign devils”, and establishes the “Society of the Righteous and Harmonious Fist.” Bao’s goal, in the beginning, is that he just wants to bring the justice and honor for Chinese people as well as his father. Bao makes multiple promises throughout the text. He creates "the recitation of the Edicts of the Big Sword Society"(Yang Boxer 150). They are " Honor your father and mother... Do not lust after women or wealth... "( Yang Boxer 150). They expand the scope of operations to Beijing; they killed the foreign clergy as well as laity natives. However, he has broken the promises (edicts) he has made. He gathers women and children who are Christian in the church and burns them. He broke the edict four which is " have compassion for the weak" ( Yang Boxer 151). He considers to desert his vow to Ch 'in Shih-Huang/Qin Shi Huang while he, at the same time, makes a guarantee to Mei-Wen, his love, that he won 't
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