Boxer As A Role Model In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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This novel is a reality turned into a fable, although there are many great roles played throughout Animal Farm, but my favorite would be Boxer because he is .hardworking, respected and a role model. Boxer is a hard working horse by using his motto as described in the novel , “ I will work harder!” (Orwell 22). This phrase that shows determination and additionally it is encouraging to the other animals on the farm. It also shows a side of Boxer’s personality throughout the story ,in which if he fails he will not give up until his goal is reached. In the story it mentions that the animals on the farm look up to how Boxer is so focused on getting tasks done, this encourages the animals when they feel they are not able to keep going. Another example of a characteristic Boxer has is…show more content…
It is also seen as he’s being described as not the animal with the most brains on the farm but is known to contribute on tasks involving hard work which allow the others to sort of look up to him with some kind of power.Another reason to why he is respected on the farm is because he is always honest and very loyal to his word. The last trait Boxer has is being an excellent idol by, “Squealer made excellent speeches on the joy . . . ,but the other animals found more inspiration in Boxer’s strength and his never failing cry of “I will work harder!”” (53). This quote represents how is is seen as a role model or idol on the farm because he never gives up and never quits even if he feels he can’t do his job. If Boxer thinks he did not try his best next time he tries to work harder as mentioned in his motto. This is why he is looked up to and admired , for his overall greatness in doing his ability to prime conditions. As previously stated in the essay relatively to Boxer being my favorite character for his hard work, respect and a role mode. Although there are many significant characters in the novel, Boxer is always seen throughout the fable but is not well a credited as a
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