Boxer Rebellion Research Paper

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The boxer rebellion took place in china between the 1899-1901. It was a violent anti-foreign and anti-Christian revolution. The militia united in righteousness (Yihetuan) they were the ones who started it all but were referred to as the boxers.They never rebelled against the Manchu rulers of china and their qing dynasty. The martial arts and calisthenics they practiced had a lot to do with their name. The Red Lanterns were a group of women who also blended spiritually and their martial arts against the foreign influence. The boxers were misinterpreted by many but the actual causation that started it all were the disastrous droughts and floods most foreign religions caused. That caused the boxers to attack in the railroads and kill chinese christians, as well as missionaries and other westerners. Their main focus was anything foreign. Many people in china believed the foreign influence was a corrupting force weakening china 's culture and government. SInce they were weakened at some point and were subject to extreme poverty and unemployment. They appealed to the boxers for their own convenience and the boxers kept destroying Christian churches, embassies, and other foreign countries. The uprising against the foreigners was caused by…show more content…
Until the Boxers started taking control with their martial arts training and a few of the weapons they had. Unfortunately their weapons were not helping them for the foreigners had better weapons and the boxers were going down so the U.S. decided to step in and help them out. The boxers helped china till the end. China finally took back the power thanks to the U.S. and the Boxers. Whom the U.S later donated money to a Boxer rebellion indemnity scholarship powers so the legend can live on. And their will always be Boxers to help protect china and gain
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