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It is undeniable that boxing competition is the one of the oldest sports of human beings as it has been included in the Olympic Games in about 688 B.C that was a duel-to-death battle. Boxing competition was violent in the past (Yodkham 2-3). Nonetheless, boxing has been a popular sport around the world, such as Europe, the Americas and Asia for a long time. Moreover, it is popular among people in general, such as children, teenagers, and adults because it is a martial art that helps them in self-defense. Also, a lot of people choose boxing as their favorite activity. It can be developed in the boxing competition. Moreover, they can imitate the boxing to cope with problems. It is not a positive effect on them. However, many boxers…show more content…
This can lead to seriously physical problems and death. It can reflect that boxing competition has negative effects on boxers. That really means people are assisting the barbarous bouts and the death or physical problems, particularly brain problem, of the boxers in the ring. An example of this is Prof. Dr. Jiraporn Haothamatud, a head of Advances Diagnostic Radiology Center, Faculty of Medicine Hospital, Mahidol University, stated that the majority of young boxers, who aged under fifteen years old, had a brain bleeding disease. As a result, it causes a cerebral edema and reduces the function of brain memory. Furthermore, most boxers have high self-esteem in boxing skills. They can be considered an arrogant boxer who is more confident than other boxers and does not care about anyone. As an illustration, Buakaw Por. Pramuk was ever a champion boxer in two times punching Yochihiro Sato, a Japanese male boxer. Unfortunately, Yochihiro Sato could knock Buakaw Por. Pramuk out at third times. With his confidence in his boxing skills, Buakaw Por. Pramuk was desperate that he could not win Yochihiro as Buakaw Por. Pramuk had won him in two times (TrueLife). Furthermore, according to comments on the Pantip’s topic website, that is everyone can comment about every news or can create a…show more content…
This is because the boxing competition has effects on many people as it causes against human rights just like the case of Mike Tyson, serious problems with the body of boxers, such as Bryan Smith and Tubagus Sakti, and can violate other people, including the article by Carina Storrs. Hence, from these disadvantages, boxing competition should be banned undoubtedly. Moreover, boxing competition causes serious problems physically because it uses high energy to fight each other, namely, the research of Prof. Dr. Jiraporn Haothamatud. Besides, though boxers are intensely self-esteemed in their boxing techniques, their high boxing self-confidence is negative effects on them. This means Baokaw Pro. Pramuk. Also, boxers hard practice for their boxing skills and have to do something that is against both the rules and the responsibilities to be a good famous boxer who is accepted by a lot of people just as the case of Park Ji-na. Additionally, many people, especially children and teenagers, who love boxing or watching the boxing competition may imitate wrongly to injure other people and cause crimes. The young can misinterpret the boxing’s philosophy and apply it wrongly, which is not good for them as young people, who were stated at Carina Storrs’s article, have less critical thinking than adults. If there was not a boxing competition or tournament, many

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