Boxing History

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Boxing Boxing is believed to have originated in Greece and was incorporated into the Olympics in 668 B.C. It was put into the Olympics because they believed that the gods played and Homer references boxing in the Iliac. It was popular to make servants and slaves fight and the winner would win their freedom. The Romans widened the popularity of the sport and it became popular in North Africa. Boxers would wear leather bands around their hands and sometimes fill them with metal scraps. The fights were very bloody and often went to the death. After the fall of Rome, the popularity of the sport decreased. It wasn’t until the 1700s that it saw a revival. There is record of one match in 1681, held by the Duke of Albmarle, between his butcher and…show more content…
A London dentist created the first boxing mouth guard in 1902. The National Boxing Association was established in 1927 and there are now three major boxing organizations today. (The History of Boxing) (History of Boxing). While the rules of boxing have changed over the sports several thousand-year history, the general concept is still the same; hit the opponent and try not to get hit by the opponent. However, the game has come a long way from the old death matches it used to be. Fights now have a standard set of rules and match procedures, although it should be noted that some aspects vary from country to country and even from state to state. Olympic procedure is also slightly different. In a standard match, prior to the fight, each boxer is assigned a different corner. Each boxer meets with his team in their corner at the start of the fight and between every round. The boxer’s team consists of, the boxer, the head trainer, the assistant trainer, and the cutman. Each match is composed of 3-12 rounds lasting 2-3 minutes each. The duration of the fight depends on the level of competition and whether it is a championship fight. A bell rings at the start and finish of each round and an official hits a wooden table with…show more content…
Clean punching, effective aggressiveness, ring generalship, and defense. Judges always score off of the ten-point system. The winner of each round receives ten points. The loser of a close round receives nine points. If the loser of a round is knocked down or dominated they receive eight points and if they are knocked down twice they receive seven points. If the round appears to be equal, both fighters are given ten points. If neither boxer is knocked out or TKOed by the end of the fight, the fighter with the most points at the end of the match
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