Boxing Persuasive Essay

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The morality of boxing is a controversial topic when it comes to everyone's’ opinion. I believe that boxing is a well needed and justifiable sport, especially for the children and adults that choose to participate in it. Boxing can help prepare you for the “punches” that life throws at you and teaches skills that help to better yourself. Therefore, the few risks that people criticize so heavily is not worth getting rid of a sport that allows people to obtain the abundance of rewards that boxing provides.

If you actually take the time to look into both sides’ argument of boxing there is a multitude of flaws in the people who oppose boxings’ arguments. Many times they stretch the truth attempting to make boxing seem more barbaric and deadly
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According to Gordon Marino in Boxing and the Cool Halls of Academe “the gym is a school of morality… it fabricates discipline, group attachment, respect, and personal will”. All of the skills listed by Gordon Marino are skills that everyone needs to learn, and boxing is able to teach them whereas other situations and schools can not. Marino also states that “When he left Chicago… Wacquant fell into a terrible funk about leaving his fistic family. He writes… “I even thought for a while of aborting my academic career to ‘turn pro’ and thereby remain with my friends from the gym and it's coach, DeeDee Armour, who had become a second father to me”. This section of Marino’s article shows that boxing creates bonds that are so strong and cherished by the boxers that the would be willing to forget their future to be able to stay with their boxing “family”; which only provides boxing with a stronger purpose, seeing as there are sparse chances to be able to connect with people on the level boxing allows. Also, according to Hugh McIlvanney in The Case of the Hardest Game a boxer by the name of Johnny Owen went from being a “24-year-old virgin whose utterances tended to come in muffled monosyllables” to being a “a confident and skilled practitioner of a rough but exciting trade”. This directly shows how boxing can be not only beneficial, but life changing. I highly doubt he would of been able to gain that confidence and
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