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Since the late 1980’s the music industry has seen a development in the phenomena of pop vocal all male groups referred to as ‘boy bands’. These so-called boy bands have proven to be quite the craze for young teenage girls who invest their time creating loyal followings (fan bases) for them by promoting their albums, making signs and waiting in lines for hours just to see them in concert. Each generation has their fair share of successful boy bands. For me, it was *Nsync and for my sister ,it’s One Direction. There hasn’t been a single car journey that passes by without listening to both bands followed by the both of us arguing about which one is better. As a matter of fact, this is a fight that both of us, as well as a fight both eras have been battling for quite a while now. However NSYCN and One Direction have have considerably more in common than just being boybands.They both stemmed from rejection,had their big breaks in Europe and also had similar downfalls. *Nsync, the all-American boy band that took birth in Orlando, Florida in 1996 was formed by Chris Kirkpatrick who in the wake of…show more content…
For *Nsync, after being signed to a label in Florida, the members of the band flew to Sweden to record their first-ever self-titled album which became a huge success in most of continent. They then went on to tour in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and had singles that made the top 10 in most of the European countries.They then got their big break in America after the Disney channel aired a concert special from their tour, which caught the attention of American viewers. And from that moment on they went on to become billboard chart toping worldwide sensation.Boybands from the 1990’s were known for the choreographed dance routines and so was *Nsync. Their fanbases made it a point to know all the steps to the boys synchronised dance numbers that they performed live or in their music

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