Boy In The Striped Pajamas Essay

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John Boyne said at one point “If you ask me, were all in the same boat. And it’s leaking.” The Holocaust and WWII are known as one of the worst times in World History. All through, “Boy in Striped Pajamas”, Boyne uses narrative techniques and goals to make the story more and more intense, and this really represents the seriousness of the Holocaust. In this story, Bruno is the main character and he goes through a big change right in the beginning, he moves and then goes to a completely remote area where there’s no one except old people. It is assumed that the father is a commander of a concentration camp and they live right by a concentration camp. Bruno goes out exploring once and finds a strange Shmuel who is on the other side of the Fence,…show more content…
He does this by using the techniques of flashback, inner thinking, and revealing actions.
To start off with, The author demonstrated Bruno’s inner thinking by saying“it meant he didn’t know what was up ahead and he could walk and find out and that was what exploration was all about after all.”(pg.102) This piece of text proves that he is showing Bruno’s history by using inner thinking.
Nextly, John used revealing actions by writing “he saw that the thing was neither a dot nor a speck nor a blob nor a figure, by a person. In fact, it was a boy.”(pg.105) This evidence supports that he repeatedly provides background info that helps the reader furthermore understand the story.
Moreover, The author showed a flashback in all of chapter 10 (so I cited the last sentence)“...and that is where the story began.”(pg.125) This textual evidence shows that he providing the background info to understand the reality of people that were affected by the Holocaust.
As proven, Boyne aimed to provide background information about, of the characters, history, and settings. He does this by using the techniques of flashback, inner thinking, and revealing actions, and this creates the
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