Boy In The Striped Pajamas Literary Analysis

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Imagine everything taken away from you, your house, clothes, and all personal belongings. How will you deal with it? In Boy in the Striped Pajamas , Maus (a graphic novel) , and Hiroshima people used their resources to survive. You can use resources in many ways, like people used their resources to survive many different conflicts in history. Intern, the best way to deal with conflict is to use your resources to make the situation better.

Maus 1 and 2 are great examples of people using their resources to make their situation better. A great example is when Vladek used a blanket as a hammock on his way to Dachau. This was a great idea because this saved him and others from dying. On his hammock he could reach out and get snow
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Although Shmuel is young, he is very smart and resourceful. His friend Bruno is very resourceful in helping Shmuel. For example, Bruno often snuck out to talk to Shmuel through the fence, even though he wasn't supposed to. This shows how Shmuel used Bruno as a resource to talk to him and feel better, and sometimes Bruno would bring him food. Bruno was Shmuels best resource, because even though he didn't have a lot of them, Bruno definitely helped. Some people believe that using your resources would not be the best thing you could do to survive, they might even think it doesn’t matter. Some people say that you are going to die eventually, so there is no use in making extra trouble for yourself. Another thing people might think is, no matter what you do you are still going to go through hard times. Although all these things are said, I know that resources are the best thing you could do in a situation of conflict because, millions of people have endured hardships by using their resources. Some of the hardships might include, Nazi Germany, the Atomic Bomb, and World War 1 &

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