Boy In The Striped Pajamas Persuasive Essay

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Murder. Murder on a mass scale happened to jews back in the Holocaust. The Holocaust happened from 1933-1945 during World War 2. The Nazi party took over Germany. They believed they were superior and that others were inferior. The Nazi’s had prejuduices and were anit’semitist againts jewish people. They were segregated discriminated and even sent to concentration camps. Over 6 million jews were killed in the Holocaust. In the book Boy in the Striped Pajamas Bruno is the son of a Nazi Commandant at the concentration camp Auschwitz. Bruno is very naive of everything that's happening and doesn’t know what's going on. He becomes friends with a jew named Schmuel who is the same age and has the exact same birthday. However Schmuel is in the camp. It is bad that Bruno is so naive about everything happening in the Holocaust and at the camp because it leads to the death of Bruno, and Bruno says very rude and foolish things.
In the book the Boy in the Striped Pajamas, it was bad Bruno was naive about the Holocaust because it lead to his death. Bruno didn’t fully understand how dangerous and bad the camp was. Bruno
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Whenever Bruno talked to Schmuel he would say some mean things. It wasn’t on purpose he just didn’t realize what he was saying was rude. Schmuel had to work in the camp and barely got any food. But sometimes Bruno would say he was lucky to be over there. Bruno would always ask to go over there. He also would say rude things without realizing it. “Well, because Germany is the greatest country of all countries,” (Boyne 112). “Were Superior,” (Boyne 112). Bruno doesn’t realize it but these are both very rude things to say. All Nazi’s thought they were superior and others were inferior especially jews. Schmuel was a jew and these were rude and offensive things to say Bruno was basically saying he’s better than Schmuel but didn’t realize
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