Boy Scout Essay Examples

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“Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent.” Every Tuesday night for the past seven years, I have repeated these twelve words at the Chopmist Hill Fire Station. To some, these words are only a string of random adjectives - but to me, this “string of adjectives” is a way of life - a way to live a life of character, integrity, and leadership. The Boy Scout Law has ultimately guided me throughout my life during class, after school, at work, home, and beyond. While shooting bows and arrows during Scouting events can truly be fun (trust me, it really is!), I have broadened my knowledge in a wide variety of subjects through Scouting - whether it is to cook the perfect sunny-side up egg, how to safely backpack through the wilderness, how to proudly proclaim your American citizenship and be a productive member of society, or how to finally learn to swim after my years of trying. The most important skill that Scouting has taught me is how to be a leader and a public servant for others. Through Scouting, I have learned to leave the world a…show more content…
Being a Scout has prepared me for the world, and I would never give up the cooking skills I have learned on campouts; I would never give up the memories I have had with my friends at Camp Yawgoog, especially being able to represent Troop 102 Chopmist as a recipient for the J. Harold Williams Award for Brotherhood Week 7 this past summer; I would never give up fun I have had shooting bows and arrows, waking up on cold winter days, knowing that I get to spend the day with my friends, or canoeing in the rain on the Saco River. I will never give up what Scouting has taught me. It has become part of me as a person. It is part of my
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