Boy Scout Maturity

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I never imagined that I would become an Boy Scout and, being only eleven years old, I never dreamed that I could really achieve the legendary status of Eagle Scout. When you are placed in an institution were advancement is almost inherent, it is easy to become passive, easy to go along for the ride and expect that, by merely participating diligently, you will arrive at your desired destination. However, as I grew older and progressed through the ranks, I watched my elders grow too. In the BSA, the cutoff for participation as a boy scout and eligibility for its highest rank is 18. Precious few of my mentors made that deadline, all of them motivated and active individuals. By the time I reached the rank of Life, one step below Eagle, I was…show more content…
However, it also represents a point of maturity. Already I was a senior member of our troop, but as an Eagle Scout, I became part of an elite group of role models. More important, however, was my realization that a passive approach to life is childish, accomplishing nothing extraordinary and nothing beyond what is required. An aspect to maturity is not merely going through the motions, but getting involved in activities, seeking out opportunities, being willing to engage in activities whether or not you feel prepared. Acquiring the rank of Eagle Scout and conducting my Eagle Scout project forced me far outside my comfort zone to teach me this. I did not have anybody giving me three simple steps to finding a project or a formula for fundraising, or a list of requirements that will magically make everything run smoothly. In school it is easy. Every day you receive assignments, a simple list of things to do in order to be successful. Do your homework, read the books, take the tests and you will do fine. Real life is not so simple. I could certainly walk through college, find a job, go through the motions, and disappear into a life without ambition, but maturity calls for more than just mere participation. Maturity entails engaging in one’s life, having the courage to accomplish, and the will to make those accomplishments
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