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An accomplishment that I worked on for more than six years is earning the Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Award, the highest achievement to be awarded by the Boy Scouts of America. Working towards this achievement was not a simple task, but rather a long journey full of mental and physical challenges. During my first couple years as a Boy Scout, I didn’t focus on earning rank advancements. Instead, I went to meetings with my friends, camping trips, and other troop activities. I didn’t earn rank advancements as quickly as other troop members, and I worked on merit badges only in subjects that interested me at the time. I didn’t focus on merit badges required for the Eagle Scout Award. My dedication took off during the summer after 10th grade, when I was asked to cover for the Senior Patrol Leader during his absence at Camp Goshen. I was allowed to pick the merit badges, in which I wanted to take part, and the camp offered a large number of Eagle required badges that I could choose. I worked very hard to complete as many requirements as I could for rank advancement during that camping experience, and it broadened my outlook by challenging me to learn new things and stay on track. On the last day of the camp, when the badges were completed, my scoutmaster…show more content…
First, I had to finish several required merit badges that I had not completed, and I also had to start other projects. Every time there was a chance to earn a merit badge I needed, I took it. However, there were some badges I couldn’t complete because the training was not readily available through my troop. I searched for alternative ways to complete those badges, and I even took classes required to earn them. Next I had to be in a leadership position, so I ran for and was elected to be the Senior Patrol Leader. As the SPL, I was in charge of the troop and ensured that it ran effective and

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