Boy Scouts Ambitions

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Goals are often set by people, some are unattainable, some are small goals that can be achieved in a day or less. My goal was to earn the rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts. When I was the age of five, I joined the scouting program. I have been involved for almost three-quarters of my life, and still am very dedicated to my troop. I currently serve as the Senior Patrol leader for my troop of forty-plus boys ranging from eleven to eighteen years old. As the Senior Patrol Leader, I am charge of running each meeting, planning the meetings, and camping events. Scouts has been an enormous part of my life, and will stay with me for the rest of my life, no matter where life takes me. My goal was to earn the rank of Eagle. It is every young scouts dream when joining a Boy Scout Troop; however one in one-hundred actually achieve this rank. I am very proud to say that I am well on my way to the rank of Eagle. I just finished my Eagle Scout Service Project, which is an…show more content…
I wanted to create something that would benefit my community. After brainstorming multiple ideas, I decided to build “Buddy Benches” and gardens for the two elementary schools I attended. The “Buddy Bench” are trending concept for elementary schools; the “Buddy Bench” serves as a serve haven for any child being excluded or bullied, where the child can make new, healthy friendships. The process began with the initial planning, and meeting with each principal on separate occasions. Both principals were uniformly thrilled with my proposal, accepting this concept into their school community. The benches were built out of pressure-treated wood for durability, and painted for presence. To make these benches stand out, and involve the community, young students placed their hand prints on each of the “Buddy Bench” to make them welcoming and peaceful. The “Buddy Benches” are installed along the schools’ playgrounds to make them accessible for those students in
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