Boy Scouts Failure

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Failure is what happens when one doesn't know all the elements to make a situation work. After finding the situation a failure, the next step is to see what went wrong and make note of it. More times than not, people experience the same situation in where they are given a second opportunity to prevent their mistakes that they made before. The Boy Scouts Lewis and Clark Council has an annual Campout called Silver Creek Round-Up. Every year Troops from around western St. Clair County area gather to spend two days competing in games created by the troops and helping younger scouts learn the essential skills to become an Eagle Scout. This Campout takes place around mid-fall with temperatures dropping into the low 40s through the evening. Temperatures…show more content…
I was still prone to making mistakes which I will learn from quickly. When the patrol leader went around and asked all of us if we wanted to go on the campout, I asked myself “Do I really want to go”? I still had that horrible memory of being cold all night. My answer would always be “ I don't know yet.” or “Put me down as a maybe.” I didn't want to be scared of the mistakes that I had made, even more so to let that keep me from enjoying myself. With only a few weeks left to make my decision, I got to thinking what I could do to make the next silver creek Campout more enjoyable and not a failure. After extensive thought, I suggested to my dad that I needed a smaller sleeping bag, then I wouldn't be so cold at night. He told me that we didn't need to get a smaller sleeping bag because eventually I would grow into the one I had. This left me baffled by the fact he wouldn't spend money to keep his own son warm during cold nights. Confused about my father's response, I then came to the conclusion that I needed to wear heavier clothing at night. This simple solution solved my problem, creating a better return than expected. I felt more confident about going cold weather
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