Boy Scouts Journey

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For as long as I can remember I 've always been someone to take charge. During preschool, I would delegate toys and such during playtime, as well once elementary school came, I would always take charge over group projects and teachers would put me in charge of them. This mindset I had, inevitably led me to the Boy Scouts of America. I started my journey with the organization as a wolf cub, as I joined a tad too late to be a tiger. Soon after, I began to hone my natural want to lead, and when I crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, I became a patrol leader right off the bat. At the time, I was 10 years old. I set up patrol meetings, called business and campgrounds to organize events, and helped organized troop events with the adults. My troop voted me in to become Senior Patrol Leader when I was…show more content…
Boy Scouts as a whole has allowed me to be a much stronger individual and has really made me into the person I am today. When I 'm able to I always help out people in need and continue to do so. Next week I will continue my yearly tradition of helping collect food for those in need. In general, I tend to take up service projects when I 'm able to; as helping others is a value I hold dear to myself. Over the years of Boy Scouts and elsewhere I 've organized and participated in many service projects. From yearly earth day park clean-ups, bottle drives for community projects, fundraising to rebuild habitat enclosures for parks, to a multitude of Eagle Projects. I take pride in these things because I know they benefited others beside myself. They 've helped my community, the people around me, people I 've never met, and many others. I would never have taken part in and/or organized them without the leadership experience I have had. As I said before, I 've always had a natural want to lead and to add to that, I 've always had a natural want to help. I don 't like to sit idly when I could be doing something to
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