Boy Scouts Research Paper

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Boy Scouts of America is “One of the nation’s largest values based on youth development organizations. It builds character, trains them in responsibilities of personal citizenship, and develops personal fitness. The scouting program has been around for centuries.”( Boy Scouts was originally thought of by Robert Stephenson Baden- Powell. Then after a period of time was brought to the United States by W.D. Boyce, a reporter that interviewed Powell and brought it to the U.S. In scouts we do a lot of fun things like water skiing, boating, rock climbing, fishing, camping, archery, and a lot more. You might ask how we get the money to do these things and the answer is that we do bake sales, clean yards, fire pits, and pools. We also help the…show more content…
Then they had a closing ceremony. After that we started heading to our camping site and went to bed. The next morning after breakfast we headed home. I like camping with some pizzazz, like something to do and not just work. Not all of the camping trips are work, only a couple. You have to deal with it though because if you don’t work than you can’t play, that sort of thing. I like being in scouts because it’s a lot of fun for me. I like doing work outside and some inside. I like the feel of the outdoors and the breeze while I do work. What I really like to do in scouts is work at Indian Hills, it’s a place outside of Cuba that’s kind of like a lot of suburbs. There’s one lady who has us clean her home a lot. We go out there about every month. She pays a lot to have us clean up her vacation home. We start by separating into different places and working on that place. She has vines growing up the side of her house. We use gloves to get them down because, they are thorn vines. There is a blackberry bush by her house and we ate the ones that are
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