Boy Scouts: Servant Leadership Analysis

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Boy Scouts has taught me many skills and truths for life, but no skill has had as much impact as servant leadership---the ability to gain the trust of those around you by helping them. Being active and a leader in a group happens naturally now; after years of following, I find myself leading my friends. Whether it was because of being a Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and Eagle Scout in my troop or, I have drawn in new friends who have grown to look to me as a leader. At the beginning of this school year I drew in many new friends who look to me as a leader. This year I was fulltime dual enrolled at the University of North Georgia which gave me the opportunity to make new friends. As a Boy Scout, my troop required the boys to plan and execute …show more content…

An excellent example of this is when many of my friends expressed their wishes of a more active lifestyle, I organized a trip to Dawson Forest for a hike/adventure at the ruins of a nuclear testing complex. I always seek interesting ways to interact with others. I have never felt as satisfied and accomplished as when I know that I have led well. I sharpened my leadership skills throughout the many clubs and activities of which I have been involved. I have been fortunate to be able to serve in the Beta Club, National Honor Society and on the production team at my church. I have helped on many service projects with my youth group and through Boy Scouts. Tutoring and executing my Eagle Scout project were both jobs that put me into a leadership position. Lego Robotics trained me in team building skills and inspired me to learn more about computers. Building my first computer and planning my Eagle Scout project taught me the importance of preparation to create something exceptional that will last. I believe that this scholarship will help me pursue my dream of becoming a computer hardware engineer. I want to continue to use my leadership skills for the rest of my life and I believe that this scholarship will help me achieve that. Thank you for this great scholarship opportunity and congratulations with reaching your 350,000-membership

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