Boycott Nike Research Paper

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"Boycott Nike"

***( Takes place in third world countries, including Bangladesh, Pakistan)

We are aware of the famous brand Nike. But what society doesn 't realize is that Nike underpays workers, uses child labour and abuses employees. "The Nike product has become synonymous with slave wages, forced overtime and arbitrary abuse," remarked Phil Knight. I believe that consumers should boycott Nike until they clean up their factories practice. I believe, if every consumer contacted Nike that they won 't purchase their products until they do something about the current system of operating. Then we would help make a difference. If Nike
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Also, Nike illegally forces workers to work overtime. Workers punishment is to stand in the sun or their supervisor would throw shoes and different objects at them, if they did an error, according to a 23-year-old women in the embroidery division. Many of the workers are reporting abuse from their supervisors. If Nike 's factories took place in Canada or U.S.A, they could not abuse workers, but, Nike assumes that since they are located in a third world country, they can abuse workers. This is only one cause I believe we should boycott…show more content…
Nike admitted on October 19, 2001 that they blew it by using minors in third world countries. They also added that ending the practice might be difficult. This tells us that Nike won 't end the practice. Nike employed workers from the age of 10 to manufacture shoes, clothing and footballs in Pakistan and Cambodia. They pay children in Pakistan 60 cents per day to stitch soccer balls and manufacture shoes conceded Nike. Nike 's employment of children from the age of 10 and sometimes younger, interferes with their education and endangers their health. I have seen kids being hit if they don 't do their job right or fast enough and it is really harrowing that children are forced to work instead of getting an education. Therefore, if we boycott Nike, they would end or reduce the amount of child labour to regain their
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