Boyd-Franklin Analysis

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Boyd-Franklin's book was an enjoyable read; I learned vitals viewpoints from his book. It was truly an enjoyable experience learning more about the African-American culture as a whole. Throughout the United States history, African-Americans have endured many hardships amongst their entire family dynamic. From being taken away from our country, becoming oppressed, enduring slavery and being separated from our families. Even after slavery and visible segregation, African-Americans still struggled here in the United States. African-Americans lived in impoverished neighborhoods and received inadequate education and resources. African-Americans struggled to have better lives and generational poverty became prominent within African-American families. Along with generational poverty often times involves; emotional and physical abuse, substance abuse, violence and an ongoing need for survival. Individuals are raised on survival and not on the love and care that they need as children. Significant interactions with their parents are rare, because they work a lot just to keep their household in order. In addition to; parents being too tired to check in with their children school day or do homework with them. Children need to feel loved and supported; without that feeling they are going to feel…show more content…
His book was accurate and addressed different perspectives of a variety of cultural differences amongst African-American families. Boyd-Franklin's book touches base on a variety of cultures and their values and belief, I enjoyed learning information from another person's perspective. As a counselor, I believe it is important to be culturally sensitive and competent when addressing individuals from values different than our own. Even within our own culture, we need to be sensitive of one’s individual’s
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