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1. In the girls advert, because she drinks, she thinks she looks attractive; it gives off a bad image of herself. It sends out a bad message to teenagers. It projects a bad self-image of herself and doesn’t send out a good message to the viewer. In the boys advert, it portrays the boy as having a low self-esteem.
2. The impact it gives is that we would think twice about having an extra drink when we go out or even putting you off drinking completely. In both clips it shows that they have a low self-esteem and the girl dresses sluttish and she feels more attractive.. There’s more of an understanding of the effects of binge drinking. It can change the belief that after you drink you still have control over your actions an behaviour. Loose in inhibitions and become promiscuous.
3. Yes, I think these adverts are effective as they both show the ugliness of alcohol. They show how alcohol can ruin your night and how it can put you in a total ruin. The adverts show how alcohol doesn’t allow you to make educated decisions.
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If someone has been drinking and becomes violent, this can be a serious issue. Being drunk and violent at the same time can destroy and hurt people you care about. When you drunk, you have no control over your actions and this can easily be detrimental to your life. You can easily start abusing people you care about and hurt them emotional, physically, sexually and even verbally. Violence is often an excuse of alcohol abuse. We may wish to believe that it is the alcohol causing the abuse, because then we can also believe that there is an easy solution to the abuse, and we can also believe that our abuser doesn't really mean to hurt us, that he/she has simply 'lost control' and is not really responsible for the abuse. It allows us to believe that this is a problem that we can tackle together, that with our support and understanding and patience, the abuse can stop. Effectively, it allows us to feel that we still have some control over the

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