Boys And Girls Club Violence

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Boys and girls club are funded by many sources including both government agencies are private donations. According to the National Criminal Justice reference, the local boys and girls club receive 238 million in government funding annually. Boys and Girls club of America continues to maximize its human financial resources to reach more young people. BBGC have nearly 19 million around the world in equipment. Local boys and girls club have received 4 million since 1991 according to OJB. Boys and girls club movement includes more than 1,140 independent organizations and national organizations. Serve communities in more 42,000 club locations. This is important because giving Boys and Girls club money help keep these centers open so they can continue helping kids.…show more content…
According the South university Education city parks and recreation centers after countless benefits to residents. Playground areas are open to all children who have lived in the area and children can play. Kids can do summer youth and make sure the environment safe and clean. They also produce broche of classes and activities in parks and community centers. All kids can have lunches provided for them for free. Kids can play sports such as football, soccer, and football. This is important because this helps bring cities together and recreate
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