Analyzing The Painting, Boys With Basketball, By Glenn Ligon

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The artwork I decided to research is a painting by Glenn Ligon entitled " Boys with Basketball, Harriet Tubman, Salimu B #3". Ligon painted this colorful painting in 2001. The mediums he utilized within this piece are oil crayon silkscreen on paper. The dimensions of this artwork are 23 inches tall and about 16 inches wide. The elements that Ligon shows within this piece are line, color and shape. The line of choice for Ligon 's work is the outline. Underneath all the vibrant colors, are outlines of kids playing basketball, people, a fence, a house, some letters, Harriet Tubman, a butterfly, and a strange looking woman. This piece has nothing but bright and bold colors. The colors Ligon uses are colors straight from the rainbow. The only dark
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