Boyz In The Hood Criminology Analysis

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The concept of Criminology stems from the relationship between Crime and Deviance, in which crime are deemed as actions that breaks the laws and are subjected to consequences, and deviance is the rejection of conformity in one society, but acceptance for another society. Crime is a form of deviance, yet can be seen as more of an emphasis on the social structure of society. One’s attempt to crime is deemed a response towards society’s theoretical perspective that deviance is a reason for society decaying. Society measures crime as a series of human judgement, or a set of logically intertwined propositions called theories. Theories in correlation to crime is a social attempt to reduce crime by explaining the logistics and logic behind every crime in regards to an individual’s character. John Singleton, an American film director, paints a visual…show more content…
Gottfredson and Hirschi’s theory is a concept that reflects children’s levels of self-control and how it transitions to their adult life. The idea of self-control becomes a fixated trait in childhood and its effects on one’s behavior over time. People with low self-control are more prone to crime as they are focused on the now, the present, so they tend to act impulsive, without any thought of consequences and reject the notion of Empathy. Crime involves a desire, a want, an impulse, and often develop victims in relation to the offender. The idea of low self-control is a reflection of ineffective parenting according to Gottfredson and Hirschi. When there is a weak relationship between parent and child or when parents fail to recognize and correct their children’s wrongdoings. The failure to deter a child from criminal activities at a young age results in the low self-control behavior continuing into adulthood and elevates their criminal activities from petty crime to potentially
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