Boyz N The Hood Analysis

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Boyz n the Hood starts off in the year of 1984, where Tre Styles, lives with his mother, Reva in Inglewood, California. He and some other boy get into a fight, where Tre is suspended and fearing that Tre may have a bad influence living here, she sends him off to live with his father in Crenshaw. She hopes that he learns some valuable lessons from his father, Furious Styles and that he grows up to be a gentleman. At Crenshaw, he meets his friends again, Darrin (Doughboy), his brother Ricky, and Chris. The day he moves in with his father, they encounter a burglar at their house. His father almost shoots the burglar but he escapes in time. The police do not come until an hour later. Tre and his friends roam around the neighborhood when they encounter

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