Boyz N The Hood Analysis

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The film Boyz N the Hood is a story about life in South Central Los Angeles. The film was wrote and directed by John Singleton in 1991. I chose this movie because of its relevance to the course and how it reflects pop culture in that time period. The opening line in the movie “one out of every twenty-one Black American males will be murdered in their lifetime” really catches the audience attention (Nicolaides & Singleton, 1991). This movie goes into detail and shows the life of three young males living in the hood of Los Angeles battling a life surrounded by drugs, violence, and questions of race. This film is a great image of how American pop culture was consumed in the early 90s.
Summary of the Contents of the Film This film focuses on the relationship and interactions between three African American males Tre Styles, Darrin Baker, and Ricky Baker. In particular I believe the writer focuses more on Tre Styles and his point of view. Those that viewed this movie got to witness how racism, violence, gangs, and growing up in the hood shaped the future of all three boys. The movie starts out in the year 1984 focusing on Tre Styles and how his behavior in school forces his mom to take him to live with his father. His father has more strict rules in his home and his mother believes that he needs his dad in his life to turn him and shape him into a young mature man. Tre immediately reunites with his childhood friends Ricky and Darrin and they spend time catching up. The next day
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